Morocco: The unexpected return of French hacker Chris Coleman

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He is making headlines in the Italian press. Leaked documents from the Qatargate investigation have become Marocgate, the source of which is none other than the Marocleaks, whose « hero » is none other than the famous hacker Chris Coleman, who appears every time relations between France and Morocco enter a turbulent zone.

His first appearance in 2014 coincided with the crisis triggered by the decision of French justice to summon the head of the internal security services Abdellatif El Hammouchi. Rabat had then suspended judicial cooperation with Paris. The French response was not long in coming. Thousands of confidential documents of the Moroccan diplomacy and security services were thrown on the web. Curiously, these same documents are back six years later as French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna prepares for a visit to put an end to the latent rift created by the Pegasus scandal.

For the Italian press, there is no doubt: the Marocleaks are the basis for the accusations against the lobbyist Antonio Panzeri. Here are some headlines on the subject:

Open online : The Maroc-Leaks behind the Qatargate : here is how Rabat influenced the EU with its « close friend » Panzeri

Il Fatto quottidiano: Morocco, the strategy of influence on the EU and the list of « friendly » parliamentarians in secret documents: besides Panzeri, there is Michel’s father

TGCOM24: And now they appear in Morocco Leaks.

Cronache Agencia Giornalistica: EURO MAZZETTE: The « Maroc-leaks » were put online by an anonymous person never identified, known as « Chris Coleman »: he could be a kind of Edward Snowden of the Maghreb or the result of a manoeuvre of the enemy services.

Il sole 24 ore: EU bribes and Qatarargate: Panzeri ‘puppet’ in the hands of Moroccan services. The secret services of five European countries have reportedly been working on the Qatar and Morocco files for some years – until the search of Panzeri’s home last summer – for fear of an anti-democratic danger.

Breaking latest news: Meanwhile the « Maroc-leaks », confidential diplomatic documents stolen in the past years by a hacker, reveal the dense plot put in place by Rabat to convey to its advantage the commercial dossiers with the EU on fisheries and agriculture.

Il Messaggero: The publication on the Internet of the « Maroc-leaks », a series of confidential documents from the Rabat government, sheds light on the context of the investigation carried out by the Belgian justice system into the network of corruption that has penetrated the European Parliament, undermining the credibility of the EU institutions.

La Repubblica: Some cables published by a hacker calling himself Chris Coleman shed more light on the role of Antonio Panzeri, the former MEP for Pd and Article One, especially in what is historically one of the most costly issues for Morocco, the Western Sahara region aspiring to self-determination under the leadership of the Polisario Front and with the support of Algeria.

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