The main arguments against Kerry’s suggestions

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Mr. Kerry’s suggestion to expand the role of the MINURSO to include human rights monitoring in the Moroccan southern provinces and the Algerian controlled Sahrawi camps should be perceived as a hasty decision and a clear infringement of Moroccan sovereignty over its territories. This suggestion is, in diplomatic terms, “hasty and ill informed”.

This move was strongly criticized across the Moroccan political spectrum, not least because Morocco has shown a genuine and serious commitment in dealing with this issue, over ALL the parts of its territory, by establishing a solid human rights body (CNDH) that works in closer consultation with several international human rights bodies, such as the Human Rights Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights, in order to improve its human rights records.

Morocco’s claim is further legitimized because of the lack of impartiality in this matter, since The MINURSO has been reporting on the human rights situation on the Moroccan southern provinces without assessing properly the lack of freedom of movement in those camps, where creation of associations is forbidden (written in the constitution of the pseudo RASD) and where oppression of all kinds of dissidence is flagrant – Abdelaziz is probably the last person to get elected four times with a last election result win of 96% of the votes.

The main flaw however in Mr Kerry’s suggestion remains in trying to request it to be done for both sides, as if both are equal in terms of state structure and state recognition. It should be clearly spelled out that Morocco is a sovereign state, and has signed to all Human Rights conventions and adheres fully to the UN human rights charter, contrary to that pseudo state that has no legitimate existence. Furthermore, Morocco has regained that territory peacefully and in the last 37 years no armed rebellion took place in that area, the reason being is that 1) citizens of those provinces acknowledge Morocco’s right to that territory, and 2) (undoubtedly) the absence of systematic oppressive means of ruling in those regions didn’t urge the Sahrawi people to resort to violence.

The Moroccan government reiterates at every possible occasion its commitment to reach a mutually agreed and a just solution for this conflict, but it will spare no efforts in defending its sovereignty, national unity and territorial integration.

The US should be better informed about human rights abuses in Tindouf. The United Nations envoy to the Western Sahara should have an equal courage to expose to the international community the harsh economic conditions and the imposed civil liberties restrictions faced while living in those camps.

The UN under its High Commission for Refugees (HCR) ought to dispatch an independent party, for a census and identification process (The only “refugee” camp in the world not to have gone through this process) and to collect, investigate and report on instances of human rights abuses in the refugee Camps.

Steps and actions to be taken by the Moroccan diplomacy, civil society and political parties

The Moroccan public opinion needs to be sensitized about the this issue and the Moroccan diplomacy should make the international community aware that the proposition of expanding the MINURSO monitoring on human rights in the Moroccan southern provinces is futile and unnecessary.

Civil society and the political parties have to raise a ONE million petition letter to the UN secretary General and lead a large media and social media campaign to denounce the hasty US proposition to expand the role of the MINURSO to include human rights monitoring in the Moroccan Southern provinces

Civil society and political parties have to raise a ONE million petition letter to the UN secretary General and lead a large media and social media campaign to denounce the state and request the freedom of our Moroccan sequestered brothers and sisters in the camps of Tindouf – The camps of shame.

A ONE million March needs to be organized in Rabat, and around the UN Headquarters in New York on the day and the hours the resolution is being discussed to give momentum to our Moroccan delegation at the UN.

Opening of channels of communication with International media outlets between the period of the submission of the UN envoy on the 22nd of April until the passing of the resolution. A common and well prepared documentation of arguments need to be provided in the English, French, Spanish and Arabic languages to controlled speakers who will be allowed to appear on those programs.

Request the Moroccan Diaspora to lobby and demonstrate in a peaceful manner (Americans are indeed our allies) its discontent with the American hasty decision and raise awareness on the fair and just claim of Morocco’s right to defend the total integrity of its territories, and the disastrous situation endured by the people living in those camps. The tempo should be intensified from the period of the release of the UN envoy report till the passing of the resolution.

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