The solution requires the Sahara, according to Bernabe Lopez Garcia

The solution requires the Sahara, according to Bernabe Lopez Garcia, professor of contemporary history of Islam at the Autonomous University of Madrid, a recognition of past mistakes. The expert believes that information, long biased and filtered, did taint the credibility of our diplomacy..

– Bernabe Lopez Garcia: The question of Western Sahara continues to be regarded by the international community as a case of incomplete decolonization. Morocco must accept that this is not a done deal and must find formulas in agreement with the Polisario Front. He rejected the Baker II solution, even if it represents a significant improvement of the Baker I accepted before.

I think that Morocco has left the Moroccan people out of the debate over the Sahara. And also outside of objective information on what we think on the outside. Information has always been biased, filtered and presented as a plot by others. However, there is a lack of effectiveness not only of the Moroccan diplomacy, but its safe management. Morocco has begun to recover its credibility at the beginning of the reign of Mohammed VI in initiating a policy of openness. But the categorical rejection of the Baker Plan II has greatly weakened its credibility. I believe that the Sahara issue should have been part of public debate in Morocco for long.