Albares, on the recovery of relations with Algeria: « Everything requires its time and Spain’s hand is outstretched ».

Crisis with Algeria
After the breakdown of friendly relations between Algeria and Spain, and specifically the alleged request of the Algerian Government to its travel agencies to suspend tourism between the two countries, the person in charge of diplomacy asserted that the Spanish Executive is « verifying what At the moment it is a communication from a local, provincial authority, and we are not aware of it, nor are the Spanish companies aware of it”.In any case, added Albares, « if it is found that this is a measure, and I do not want to advance anything at all, we will act as we have been acting with Algeria. » As he reiterated, « what we want is for the feelings of friendship that the Spanish people have with the Algerian people to be maintained, to have the same relations that we have with all our neighbors », but « always firmly defending the interests of Spanish companies.”Regarding the advances in the diplomatic work with Algeria, José Manuel Albares maintained that « everything requires time, and of course the hand of Spain is outstretched. » Spain, he defended, « has not taken any measure that affects Algeria or Algerian citizens », so it wants « dialogue, diplomatic relations to be redirected, and to have with Algeria the relations that we have with all our neighbors, and that are not mutually exclusive”.Finally, regarding the alleged rupture of trade relations dictated by Algiers, and against which the authorities of the European Union spoke out, the minister pointed out that he gives « credibility, of course, to what the Algerian authorities say and they say that there is no abnormality”, something about which, he added, “we had a written verification”.
La Vanguardia, jun 21, 2022