Phosboucraa workers Children Protest against their exclusion

OCP Group General management
I applied this system on OCP users belonging to different classes of workers, employees, technicians and agents, managerial frameworks, under the Dahir No. 1-58-007 5/6/1380 (December 24, 1960) of the Statute of the mining contracting users as amended and the cmiesi.
And is valid from January 1st 1973.
Article 6
Users are operating at national level. However, OCP can give precedence to agents of crossed through records by mass layoffs, and the children of deceased service personnel, and children of retirees, and children of employees employees if they meet the required operating conditions.
Following the disappointing reality and dire situation of human rights in their universality, which human living desert in particular economic rights tell you and ask you () and we grief and disappointment intervened to injustice and exclusion and marginalization and denial of our rights and our goods and riches.
Sir, this exclusion be long us, long as children of Western Sahara is no longer acceptable, particularly with the establishment of a coordinating tnskitna sons and widows of vosbokraa which has not licensed the Moroccan administration because of our defense, especially the right to run the mine, which is guaranteed by modern concepts which provide for access and the creation of jobs for young people from Ocean mines and precedence of the children of retirees and workers as the right of precedence and recognized by law regulating some mines globally and locally in item vi of the vosbokraa company.
ليتفاجئ-g (), the State and the company has always pursued a policy of exclusion of our rights through the application of exclusionary criteria that do not respond to the reality of the citizen and Cheb Sahraoui so you tnsikitna five years ago peaceful protests as a rejection of this tragic situation despite continuous promises by the company and official institutions to confront Sir my sellers forms of harassment and persecution by State security organs and various activists and militants tnsikitna during this poses the legal laws and international covenants which will continue despite the The blockade and the threat and taunting which is affecting us.
So thank you to intervene to lift us economic persecution and a policy to starve and abuse our rights as well as to pressure Morocco to submit to laws and international conventions and protocols and to implement international resolutions and international legitimacy.
[09/02/2016 à 18:40] Ayache.hmadnah: Stages in the wester Sahara for coordinating the sons and widows of vosbokraa retirees in its demands:
After the OCP group, a communication is dated 05/04/2011 provides:
✓ Recruitment of 5800 people
✓ 15000 individual configuration
Targeting the sons and daughters of the compound in alvosvatih areas.
Discover our removal were not justified and not a supervisor from the distribution of jobs and training which prompted us to establish coordinating desert sons and widows vosbokraa: on 21 August 2011 to open serious dialogue and finding reasonable solutions that followed Miley:
Correspondence to both previous and current Government in person
 Regional Manager lvosbokraa
 human resources manager lvosbokraa
 Mr. to Laayoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra Red
 intermediary institution (Regional Commissariat for the eyes)
 General Manager of OCP in Casablanca
 writer General El Sheriff phosphates in Casablanca
 parliamentarians s
 Prime
 Prime Minister
 Minister of energy and minerals
 on 30 September 2011 interview with human resources manager bevosbokraa which did not yield any result.
 entry in ascending path through peaceful vigil
✓ Before management vosbokraa eyes
✓ The General management of the group in Casablanca.
 interview with Director Taha belfrig sustainable development responsible distribution process ocpskils (which recognized the right of exclusion)
 side false promises
 continued vigil.