Did French journalists know they work for Moroccan DGED?

According to documents released by the Moroccan hacker Chris Coleman, the information flowed smoothly between some French and the editor of L’Observateur du Maroc, Ahmed Charai, which is turn reported to Mourad El Ghoul, Director of Cabinet Yassine Mansouri, head of the Moroccan DGED.
They worked as L’Observateur du Maroc collaborators to cover other activities they carried out for the Moroccan intelligence service.
-Among these activities, relaying the propaganda of Morocco to improve the image of King Mohammed VI. In this area, Vincent Hervouet was a real working spy of all publications appeared in France against the King of Morocco and his country. On 01/03/2012, he sent an « urgent » message and requesting a « receipt » in which he reported that « the book by Eric Laurent on Your King finds an echo in Paris and guy make outright campaign. He talks about physical threats through anonymous messages, incredible! « . When the book came out of Khalid Jamai, « After the Makhzen State arrives chmakri state » Hervouet remark in an email dated 22/06/2012, that « it is the work of communication. Of « the agitprop » professional enough. They occupy the field. They saturate writing. They end up imposing their lubbies. You have to come to Paris to talk about it … before it’s too late. « 
– Ahmed Charai addressed them for any kind of information in the media field. On 10/01/2010, Dominique Lagarde informs Charai an interview in the Express a university IFRI, « quite critical of the stiffening of the authorities on the press » in Morocco. « I did not have echo, but it seems that someone close to the palace, Terab, director of the Office of phosphates has contacted IFRI to protest. I saw JP Tuquoi in a conference in Paris. It seems that the Palace, through this office, became funder of IFRI (?). I do not know any more « , she said. 11/05/2011, she reported to him that « the interview with Mly Hicham was at his request and through C. Barber. »
-They were summoned for propaganda conferences and debates organized by Morocco, like the one held on 17 December 2008 in Paris, at the Cercle National des Armées to present the book of Henri VEDIE about the « achievements » of Morocco in Western Sahara.
– To save Morocco from the effects of the Arab Spring, these journalists will take care to praise the reforms of the new Moroccan Constitution.
– Advertising for the Tangier Project « Hervouet will talk about the project in its Thursday 6:45 p.m. Journal (Paris time), Mireille duteil will make a paper about and Dominique Lagarde also in Express.fr » says Charai on January 7, 2012
In addition to communication, these journalists were used in plans to destabilize Algeria and the Polisario Front. They participated in the promotion of the Provisional Government of the MAK, a creation of the Moroccan Makhzen. Hervouet has drawn up a video accusing Saharan being behind the kidnapping of two French in Mali. His attacks against Algeria fill the columns of the Moroccan newspaper L’Observateur du Maroc. A real work of mercenaries.
Here is the list of journalists constantly summoned and raised in the emails exchanged between Ahmed Charai and DGED:
Mireille Duteil: The Point
Dominique lagarde: The Express
José boy ex Liberation currently Medi1 sat and columnist for The Journal « Strategy »
Vincent Hervouet: LCI
Florence Beaugé: Worldwide
Ruth Elkrief: BFM TV
Elaine Sciolino: Office Manager paris The New York Times
Jean Pierre El Kabbach: Chairman Europe1
Link mails exchanged between the Moroccan and French journalists DGED: