During the 3rd University Conferences on Sahrawi Culture held in Murcia, Spain, Mr. Gaici Nah, member of the coordinating team of the International Campaign against the Wall of the Moroccan Occupation in Western Sahara, gave a talk at the University of Murcia on 28 October entitled “the Wall: the Moroccan version of Apartheid.”
The speaker explained the stages of the construction of the wall that Morocco built in the eighties to counter the Sahrawi army, which is 2700 km long. The wall, which is the second longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China, continues to divide the Sahrawi people and their Territory. According to the speaker, the Moroccan regime “cloned” the idea of the wall based on other experiences, which were doomed to failure.
He also explained that, both in the refugee camps and the occupied territories and the liberated territories, Sahrawis live traumatised by the persistence of the wall, because in addition to killing and injuring innocent people, it continues to sow panic and terror among the civilian population, thus prolonging the suffering of the Sahrawi people.
Morocco, far from reducing the number of the victims and clearing the land of this scourge, flatly refuses to ban the use of landmines. In the meantime, the Sahrawi civilians continue to suffer because of the minefields around the wall, which are not marked and often overlap with areas where the livestock graze or where there are few sources of water.
In conclusion, the speaker highlighted that civil society action and international demands are essential to remove the Moroccan wall, and called on the international community to join the international campaign against this ongoing crime against the Sahrawi people.