Prisoners of Gdeim Izik families communiqué

Rabat October 29, 2014.
Subject: 2nd World Forum on Human Rights in Marrakech from 27 to 30 November 2014.
Dear friends,
I’m in Rabat to visit as I do every 3 months Naama Asfari, his companions and all Saharawi detainees who are in Sale1 prison.
Prisoners of Gdeim Izik have charged me to inform you of their decision to conduct several hunger strikes in November and December in connection with activists from the Occupied Territories:
* From 6 to 8 November 2014 for the anniversary of the launch of the « Green March » and the 4th anniversary of the fall of Gdeim Izik and incarceration.
* From 25 to 29 November 2014 at the World Forum on Human Rights in Marrakech
* On 9 and 10 December 2014 for the International Day of Human Rights.
Naama Asfari and his Gdeim Izik group decided to take advantage of the visibility of this Global Forum to be invited symbolically in Marrakech ! By making a hunger strike during the period of this forum. They need us to make their voices heard!
A month before the event, the total mess !
There is still no registration procedures for Associations! We only know that the CNDH has mobilized its 12 Regional Commissions ( each one will take 120 people ).
Gdeim Izik group also ask you to come to Marrakech and even if you can not register, the idea is to make noise with the Saharawi and Moroccan Associations, evicted from the event, which will be there.
Already the French Associations of Solidarity mobilized for the release of all morrocans and sahrawis political prisoners decided to send some activists to marrakech.
I am sending this letter to all our friends in Solidarity Associations in Europe.
See what you can do and keep us informed of your initiatives. The aim is to do a great activist mobilization to be the spokesperson for the voiceless.
Contact pour l’organisation sur place: Hassana Duihi , ASVDH 00212606964298/677934311
For the CFPP Committee of Families of Political Prisoners Group Gdeim Izik
Claude Mangin-Asfari