Espionage against Christopher Ross: The Criminal Act of Morocco

The recently released confidential documents reveal the methods used by Morocco in Geneva to spy on the UN special envoy to Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, scuttling any initiative in favor of the Polisario in UN institutions in Switzerland. This work done by spook Omar Hilale, Morocco’s ambassador in Swiss land, lasted two years.
In a confidential letter dated April 11, 2012, the Moroccan Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Morocco in Geneva, namely Omar Hilale, had alerted King Mohammed VI of a « maneuver » perpetrated by the UN special envoy Christopher Ross to force the Moroccan kingdom to accept the UN plan for Western Sahara.
« A maneuver of Christopher Ross to replace the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Western Sahara is in preparation, » he writes.
The Moroccan ambassador in Geneva had been spying on the special UN envoy for the Western Sahara, even getting confidential information about him; his entourage and the secret efforts of Mr. Ross to end the crisis in Western Sahara. The infiltrated officials at the special representative of the UN regularly inform Morocco on everything undertaken by Mr. Ross.
« Following my fax in /reference, I have the honor to inform you that the days of Mr. Hany Aziz, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for the Sahara, head of MINURSO are counted » writes the Moroccan ambassador to King Mohammed VI. 
He then adds: « In fact, according to the information entrusted to me by a source at UNHCR, Mr. Ross is currently looking for a candidate with a strong personality; able to stand firm before Morocco and who would be totally vassal. In this regard, my source gave me the following two pieces of information: first, the DPKO had offered the position of Mr. Hany M. Athar Khan Sultan, Director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. The latter refused, arguing that « the current role of the special representative is purely administrative and is concerned solely with the ̏ paperwork. 
The thing that suggests that Mr. Khan would not be totally disinterested in this position, provided that the mandate of MINURSO be extended; which explains his cryptic remarks during our working lunch last week, the subject of my fax referenced. Secondly, following the refusal of Mr. Khan, Mr. Ross will look for an American successor to Mr. Hany. This candidate is a very close friend who worked with him. My source has promised to confirm his name shortly. « 
The Moroccan ambassador in Geneva concludes: « This casting of Mr. Ross and his enlargement scenario of the political role of MINURSO, insidiously distilled in the draft report of the SG, bodes ill of a programmed temporization to the question of Sahara. Hence, the requirement for our country (Morocco) to consider all modification in the mandate of the MINURSO as a red line and enforce everything possible to thwart it whatever the cost might be.