Why Hasanna El Wali, the Saharawi political prisoner was liquidated

Hassanna Louali dans sa cellule de prison
Hassanna el Wali is a Saharawi political prisoner and human rights activist from Dakhla city, south Western Sahara. He was supposed to be set free on May 1st,2015. He got sick due to the miserable conditions of the prisions and the medical negligence he endured especially after the torture he survived during the interrogations. The hunger strike he started along with his group inside the Carcel Negra( Black Prison) in Elaaiun had a great impact on his health especially that the prison warden ¨Abdelilah Ezzanfouri¨ used all means to break their will and made them suffer a lot. 
The situation inside the Dakhla prison was not any better that the Carcel Negra prison. His situation was getting worse especially he was not getting any medical treatment until his group inside the prison started a strike and a hunger strike to convince the prison administration to take him to the hospital. When they finally took him to the Hassan 2 Hospital, they gave him a strong dose of Glucose. They ignored the fact that he suffered from diabetes, and he had stomachache problems. This led him to fall into a coma they he never woke up from. He was then transferred to the military hospital after 3 days, and next day he was declared dead at 4 p.m. after 72 hours. This went announced till about 8.30 p.m. When the news spread out and the Saharawis of Dakhla came to the military hospital to protest and to demand justice.
Soon after, clashes occurred between the Saharawis and the police forces of all kinds, and so 6 saharawis were arrested last night. Eye witnesses talk about a complete besiege of the whole city by Gendarmerie , auxiliary forces and the police. The situation is very tense and more clashes and demonstrations might occur in the next few hours as the family of the martyr refuses to bury the body without autopsy.

Hassana El Wali is a political prisoner and an active member engaged in the defense of the Human Rights in the Saharawi civil society, He hosted many journalists and representatives of international organizations, like the European delegation in 2009 that visited the occupied Dakhla.He was sentenced to three years in jail for his political views and human right advocacy. He was supposed to be set free on May 1st,2015.
He met the special rapporteur in charge of cultural rights Mrs. Farida Shahid and Mr. Juan Mendez the special rapporteur in charge of the elimination of torture when he visited the Black prison in Elaaiun; capital of the occupied Western Sahara. 
Hassana El Wali was pronounced dead the evening of September 27,2014 due to medical negilgence.