Rally in support of Saharawi cause in front of the Moroccan embassy in London

LONDON- A demonstration of solidarity to reaffirm the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination was held Saturday near the Embassy of Morocco in London.
Several British associations supporting the Saharawi cause, like the Western Sahara Campaign, British students and artists supporting the struggle of the Saharawi people, took part in the rally.
Activists of the Saharawi cause and human rights raised Saharawi flags and placards holding: « Morocco Out, Morocco murderer », « Where are the 651 Sahrawi prisoners? » « Stop torture « and » free Sahara. »
« England, land of human rights par excellence, as well as the international community is challenged by the question of Western Sahara where human rights are violated daily by the Moroccan occupation for decades, » Ken Ritchie, president of the Western Sahara Campaign told APS during the rally.
« The British Parliament should look at what is happening in Western Sahara, and condemn violence as it does when it comes to the Syrian issue, » he added.
British and other nationalities students and union representatives were also present to provide support to the Saharawi cause. For Brazilian Marcelo Marcedo Darley, « these events should be held daily in the UK and around the world to raise international awareness of a fair cause, that of a people struggling for independence. »
APS, 02/06/2012