U.N. Blames Morocco for the Use of Violence against Sahrouis

In El Aaiun, the northern city of Western Sahara, Moroccan police officers were accused (Fr) to torture a Sahroui, Bazeid Abdallah Lehmad. According to the Sahara Press Service, Lehmad was part of a wedding when Morrocan policemen took him away and later was found injured.
The United Nations Commitee Against Torture (UNCAT), called on Morrocco to end acts of toruture on Sahraouis. In a recent report, the UNCAT said ”the State party should immediately take substantive steps to investigate acts of torture and to prosecute and punish those who have committed such acts.” The UNCAT also expressed concerns about practices from the security forces of the government in Western Sahara, “The State party should put in place stronger measures for ensuring prompt, thorough, impartial and effective investigations into all allegations of torture or ill-treatment of prisoners and persons taken into custody or in any other situation.”
Meanwhile, on Monday in Casablanca, protesters demanded more economic and political reforms. Pro-government forces attacked the peaceful protesters and injured several of them. The protesters called for more democratic reform as the recent amendment of the Constitution, which “supposedly limits the [King’s] absolute powers,” did not go far enough.
POMED, 6/3/2012