SCANDAL : Officials, IMAMS, Ambassadors, Stars & royal advisor entitled to Transport Approvals + list

Recently, The minister of Transport and equipment, Abdelaziz Rabbah, announced the publication of the cadastre of public transport, that is to say the list of those receiving an approval for transport especially buses that crisscross the kingdom.
In a statement from the ministry Press Realease, Rabbah has announced : “With the aim of practicing the Constitution, and the government’s agenda, and following the ministry’s commitment to strengthen its system of governance and increase transparency and bring the adlinistration to serve Moroccans and the press’s right to access to public information, the Department will publish on its website, in the following days, the lists of beneficiaries of all transport (licenses and approvals) regarding the Ministry of the Equipment and Transport. “
Since today is done.
On the one hand, Rue20/english could have a look at the long list of beneficiaries of these transportation Approvals and Licenses. But on the other hand, as there are 400 pages and an infinity of names, we will not be able, initially, to offer our readers a comprehensive list.
According to the Official list of Beneficiaries; there are an infinite number of well known personalities from the world of politics, culture and sports as well as some surprises.
Among the benefeciaries, we find the father of Fouad Ali El Himma the current royal advisor, Ahmed Ali El Himma.
He is on the list of beneficiaries and as it is known that the deceased father of the founder of Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) was a retiree of EducationNational?
Many politicians and Islamist IMAMs like Abdelbari Zemzemi Bensedik, Mohamed El Ouafa, trade unionist (in France) Akka Ghazi and others, have been also entitled to theses approvals as well as the King’s Body guard JAIDI in the name of one of his family memebers.
the Sahrawis Brahim Hakim Ben Guejmoula Abbi and almost the entire family of Khatri Joumani have also a transport license despite being not in need.
Many well known and RICH families were treated as POORS and have been entitled as Beneficiaries such as the families :
Maâti Bouabid Fal Ould Omeir, Echiguer Haddou, Balafrej, Mezouari Glaoui, Basri, Amahzoune………..
Among these well known families and perosnalities, we find Stars from : Sports such as : BASSIR, ZAKI, DAOUDA, ROUSSI …, Culture such as the actresses (Naima Lamcharki, Mouna Fettou, etc …)
It should be noted that the names of individuals written in a different way escape us, approvals registered in the names of wives or relatives of the beneficiaries are difficult to uncover, and those who put the approval on behalf of a family business.
Politics :
Abdelbari Zemzemi Bensedik
Akka Ghazi
Mohamed El Ouafa
Family Fall Sidi Ould Omeir
Family Dey Ould Sidi Baba
Heir of Ahmed Ali El Himma
Heir Driss Basri
Family of Abdelkrim El Khattabi : Fatima, Rkia, Mouna, daughter of Mohamed ben Abdelkrim El Khattabi ; Yamina bent Abdeslam El Khattabi, Fattouma bent Mohamed ben Ali M’rabet (ex wife of Mohamed Abdelkrim El Khattabi and Khadija bent Abdeslam El Khattabi.
Heir of Maati Bouabid
Family of the martyr Zerktouni
Heir of Mohamed Haddou Echiguer
Family Balafrej
Family Meziane-Bellefkih
Family Fassi
sports :
Mohamed Aziz Daouda
Khalid Rahilou
Nourredine Naybet
Salah Eddine Bassir
Youssef Chippo
Abdelhaq Blinda
Hassan Akesbi
Abdelmajid Dolmi
Abdelaziz Bouderbala
Zaki Badou
Ahmed Faras
Mohamed Timoumi
Tahar El Khalej
Khalid El Bied
Lahcen Abrami
Noureddine Bouyahiaoui
Mustapha Madih
M. Tarik El Jarmoun
Zakaria Aboub
Abdellati Jrindou
Hasna Ben Hassi
culture :
Naïma Samih
Mouna Fettou
Naïma Lamcharki
From Sahara :
Brahim Hakim
Gajmoula ben Ebbi
Big number of the family Joumani
Different :
Karima Benaïch (ambassador)
Joumala El Alaoui (Ambassador)
Miloud Tounzi (one of the kidnappers and probably the assassin of Mehdi Ben Barka)
Abdelkader Saka (involved in Mehdi Ben Barka disappearance)
Georgette Archane
Hadda Boumghouz, widow of Moulay Driss Amehzoun
Heir of Hajja Izza bent Larbi
Rue20, 2/3/2012