Successful WFDY Mission to Western Sahara

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, committed to the cause of anti-imperialist struggle, carried out an important international solidarity mission to Western Sahara on 2 to 11 of December. 
The organization of this mission was decided before the Assembly in the framework of the decisions taken then, to continue organizing international missions such as the mission to Egypt and Palestine. After the Assembly and its decisions, this mission had even greater importance as the final documentation of the Assembly, among other decisions, underlined and ratified the importance of this missions and of course the importance to support and express solidarity to the struggle of the people of Western Sahara against the Moroccan occupation.
The organization of the mission was carried out by the member organizations of WFDY, UJCE from Spain and the comrades of UJSARIO of Western Sahara. The mission had participation of 37 comrades from 3 countries and had theopportunity to meet with very important persons of the political life of Western Sahara, of Polisario and UJSARIO and of course with young Sahrawi’s that fight for freedom, against imperialism. The most important meeting was with the General Secretary and President of Sahrawi Arab Republic, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz. The mission also met with the President of the parliament, the coordinator of the Sahrawi with MINURSO (UN mission in W. Sahara), with the Governor of Esmara, representatives of local authorities and other organizations of the Sahrawi movement.
Another part of the mission consisted by a member of UJCE travelled directly to the occupied territories of Western Sahara and despite the continuous surveillance by the Moroccan occupying forces he met with members of the Sahrawi resistance and participated in their demonstrations and actions.
Given the opportunity the mission also visited schools, institutions and museums to better understand the historical development of the struggle of the Sahrawi people and also to witness the efforts that the Sahrawi people take toorganize the life in the refugee camps in a just and democratic way overcoming the difficulties that are consequences of the occupation. It is worth mentioning also that during the mission the delegates had the opportunity to participate in a conference titled: “Imperialism, war and occupation in the world today. The response of the peoples”, which had a great success. Another important moment of the mission was the visit to the “Wall of Shame”, the wall that the occupation force of Morocco raised with the false belief that the Sahrawi’s would stop their struggle for freedom and self determination.
The people and youth of Western Sahara have been victims of the European and Moroccan colonialism for more than a century. They continue theirstruggle for the establishment of a free and independent State. Their struggle for a peaceful and just settlement finds obstacles put by the Moroccan government, which is supported by other imperialist forces, especially in Europe. For more than 20 years the Sahrawi try with peaceful means to take what is rightfully theirs but the Moroccan side refuses to collaborate.
On the contrary the Moroccan government represses the Sahrawi that live in the occupied territories, arrests those who resist and continue the exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara.
The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. We demand the liberation of the political prisoners and we stand in solidarity with the 36 Sahrawi prisoners who are onhunger strike in prisons of Morocco and who were detained after the massacre of Gdeim Izik.
WFDY stands in solidarity with the people and the youth of Western Sahara. We support the right of the Sahrawi people for self determination, for freedom and independence. Their struggle against the Moroccan occupation is a struggle against imperialism. We know that the path of the struggle is difficult especially considering the support that Morocco has by its imperialist allies who have financial interest in the area, but we are sure the popular resistance of the Sahrawi people and the international solidarity of the anti-imperialist movement will prevail, bringing closer the day of victory, a victory not only for the Sahrawi but also for the anti-imperialist movement., 29/12/2011